Hazard 4 Evac Plan-B Front/Back Modular Sling Pack ATS

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Hazard 4 Evac Plan-B Front/Back Modular Sling Pack ATS
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Being jammed in confined spaces for hours is an unfortunate part of the business for many professionals we serve. This is the environment for which our Evac line of sling-packs has been developed. Slim shaped, for fast maneuvering in crowds, they can be stored in vehicles/lockers, and are quick to take on or off. They are also ambidextrous, and unlike others in this class, are actually comfortable to wear. The main padded strap is cocked at either the right or left lower corner, so the pad aligns ergonomically in the correct body-hugging direction. There is no slack, or gapping away from the body as is typical with similar single shoulder packs. The bag can be rotated to the chest for on-the-go access, and all pockets are designed to face the user in this mode on either the right or left side. This means the user can go from wearing the pack on his back, to driving a vehicle with it on his chest in just a few seconds.
The total-customization with full modular accessory strap (molle) coverage and includes padded, movable internal divider
Compression-straps also cross to secure large objects side; Relatively large volume - will hold bulky items with ease
Full hydration bladder compatible - fits up to 100 OZ. / 3L. Can fit 3L hydration bladder up to 2.5L capacity
One large pocket for access while on chest with organizer; generously padded back with air circulation pad array & no external air-mesh materials
Main Material: DuPont 1000D Cordura