Spartan Ronin Shinto Blackout

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Spartan Ronin Shinto Blackout
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Designed by Green Beret and Special Forces Teammate Tu Lam, the Spartan Ronin Shinto (meaning "The practice of establishing a connection between the ways of the old and the ways of the new") is a well balanced, mid-sized fixed blade designed to be comfortable and robust for use in field craft and as a defensive tool. Tu worked with Spartan Blades' Founders on this project and in the same Special Forces company together. Tu is also Co-Host of The History Channels Forged in Fire, “Knife or Death”. This version comes with a Black DLC PVD coated CPM-S35VN blade and contoured, machine-textured Black CE Canvas MIcarta handle scales.
Brand new item directly from Spartan Blades. Made in the USA.
Blade: The recurve CPM-S35VN spear point blade has a mid-height saber grind with a tapered top swedge which delivers a very strong tip for piercing with a good combination of cutting performance and durability. The black tungsten DLC (diamond like carbon) PVD coating leaves a highly wear resistant finish that is both non-reflective and resistant to corrosion which enhance performance. The Ronin Shinto is well balanced in the hand and discreet in use.
Handle: The full tang extends through two contoured and machine-textured handle scales made from Black Canvas Micarta. The handles deliver a comfortable and ergonomic platform for a secure grip capable of serious utility and defensive use. A paracord lanyard is already attached for added security during serious use.
Sheath: Carries in a Black Kydex sheath with multiple eyelets for multiple carry options.
CPM S35VN: Designed to offer improved toughness over CPM S30V, S35VN substitutes niobium for vanadium delivering an increase in toughness of about 15-20% with no appreciable loss of wear resistance. Increased toughness means better resistance to edge chipping. Corrosion resistance is on par with S30V.


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58-60 HRC
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United States