Cold Steel Suburito Training Sword 92BKM

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Cold Steel Suburito Training Sword 92BKM
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A Suburito is a specialized ancient training weapon that's meant to simulate the weight of a real Japanese sword. Primarily intended for solo practice or cutting drills, it inspires respect, as it hits with terrific force. Cold Steel's interpretation was inspired by a wooden Suburito in Akido 5th Dan, Andrew Demko's private collection.

Injection molded from high strength polypropylene with a long handle and square tip, it's enormously resistant to breaking and will never shrink, rot, crack or splinter like a wooden Suburito is prone to do. It's built to provide many years of hard service and, if used faithfully, it will surely make you a better swordsman. It has an elegant wood grain finish and bears the five major precepts of Japanese sword cutting, written in Kanji characters.

Item Number: 92BKM
Item Name: Suburito
Weight: 39.1 oz.
Thickness: 1.0"
Blade Length: 31"
Handle: 14"
Overall: 45"
Material: Polypropylene
Made in Taiwan