We Knife Co Syrinx Pen Gray TP04B

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We Knife Co Syrinx Pen Gray TP04B
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The Syrinx titanium screw cap pen is built for life on the go. It is roughly the same size and weight as the Fisher Space Pen Bullet model, one of the most popular non-BIC pens in the world and for good reason. It can be taken anywhere, write anywhere, and is about as compact as physically possible while remaining extremely durable. The Syrinx is like a Bullet on steroids, made from 6Al4V titanium with an attractive sectioned bamboo appearance and screw cap design. The top features a hole for a keyring so it can be carried in many more places than shirt or pants pockets. We love the unique look and durable construction, it will serve you well for a long time to come.

Overall Length: 3.40"
Thickness: 0.43"
Body Material: 6Al4V Titanium
Keyring Material: Stainless Steel
Ink Color: Black
Ballpoint Refill Length: 2.75"
Weight: 0.6 oz.
Made in China