Boker Limited Dinosaur Lockback Folder 112028

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Boker Limited Dinosaur Lockback Folder 112028
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Pocket Knife by Boker. Antiquity is something that seems to fascinate everyone. Americans are in awe of relics from the colonial days. Europeans remain in awe of their ancient castles and the Roman ruins. The Boker Dinosaur Collectible gives you the opportunity to own and treasure something a bit older. Actually, a lot older - 130 million years old! The handle scales of these collectibles are actually a section of petrified bone from a Sauropod, immense creatures with elephant-size feet and long necks and tails - commonly known as the Brontosaurus. During the Age of the Dinosaurs, these creatures roamed the Mesozoic Southwest. These particular fossils were discovered in the Four Corners region of northwestern New Mexico. For unknown reasons, some of these specimens were quickly covered by mud and sand after death, causing them to become fossilized, or transformed into rock. The bone marrow in the cell cavities was replaced by fine particles, which then agatized to form the extremely unique coloring pattern that you see in the handle. A very limited amount of this bone is available for our use. Please accept it as a tangible reminder of the mysterious creatures that ruled the world at the dawn of time.
Boker Dinosaur Classic Lock Blade: This exclusive model features a stainless steel blade and sturdy lockback mechanism. Blade length: 3 1/8". Overall length: 7 1/4"