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50% brighter than Maglite

Streamlight is a “hands-on” company. We learn by doing, so we understand what our customers need because we’re out there doing what they do, using the same lighting tools in the same ways. We go through firefighters’ training. We take courses in low-light shooting. We’re hunters, fishermen, outdoor and sports enthusiasts. Our sporting goods sales manager is an avid hunter and takes his Streamlight flashlight on his many hunting trips. Many of our law enforcement sales managers are gun collectors, hunters and competitive shooters. We believe it’s our hands-on, real-world experience that leads to new ideas and innovations that set Streamlight apart. Who knows what we’ll come up with next?

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Streamlight Buckmasters Trident Headlamp STR61070 Price : $69.03 Streamlight Buckmasters Trident Headlamp. Realtree Hardwoods Green Camo durable polymer housing. Nig Add to Wishlist
Streamlight Key-Mate Black White LED Streamlight Key-Mate Black White LED STR72001 Price : $25.27 Streamlight Key-Mate Black White LED. Micro-Miniature LED Flashlight. 2 3/8" overall. Black machined Add to Wishlist
Streamlight Knucklehead Black STR90641 Price : $205.41 Streamlight Knucklehead Black. 9 1/8" overall. Black high impact nylon housing. Unbreakable polycarb Add to Wishlist
Streamlight MicroStream Stylus STR66318 Price : $45.46 Streamlight MicroStream Stylus 3 1/2" overall. Black aircraft aluminum construction with pocket clip Add to Wishlist
Streamlight Model TLR-1 Tactical Rail Mount LED STR69110 Price : $284.54 Streamlight Model TLR-1 Tactical Rail Mount LED. 3 1/4" overall. Black anodized aircraft grade alumi Add to Wishlist
Streamlight Night Com LED STR51056 Price : $109.45 Streamlight Night Com LED. 5 1/2" overall. Textured black aluminum construction. Polycarbonate lens. Add to Wishlist
Streamlight Night Com® UV STR51046 Price : $119.54 Streamlight Night Com® UV. 5 1/2" overall. Black aluminum water resistant housing. Unbreakable polyc Add to Wishlist
Streamlight Nightfighter LED STR88005 Price : $168.37 Streamlight Nightfighter LED. 5 1/2" overall. Black anodized aluminum construction with adjustable s Add to Wishlist
Streamlight NightFighter® X Tactical Flashlight STR88008 Price : $168.37 Streamlight NightFighter® X Tactical Flashlight. 5 1/4" overall. Black finish impact resistant housi Add to Wishlist
Streamlight PolyStinger Black STR76514 Price : $235.72 Streamlight PolyStinger Black. 7 1/2" overall. Black polymer body with unbreakable polycarbonate len Add to Wishlist
Streamlight Pro Tac Model PT STR88032 Price : $104.39 Streamlight Pro Tac Model PT® Pro Tac Model PT® 1AA High Output, Professional Tactical Light. 4" ove Add to Wishlist
Streamlight Protac HL STR88040 Price : $184.00 Streamlight Protac HL. 5 1/4" overall. LED bulb produces 600 lumens. 1.25 hour runtime on two CR123A Add to Wishlist
Streamlight Protac® 2AAA STR88039 Price : $80.82 Streamlight Protac® 2AAA. 5 5/8" overall. Black anodized aluminum housing with removeable black stai Add to Wishlist
Streamlight Scorpion STR85001 Price : $95.98 Streamlight Scorpion. 5" overall. Black aluminum body covered by rubber armor for a sure grip. Unbre Add to Wishlist
Streamlight Scorpion® X Tactical Flashlight STR85011 Price : $124.59 Streamlight Scorpion® X Tactical Flashlight. 5 1/2" overall. Black rubber armored body with anti-rol Add to Wishlist
Streamlight Sidewinder LED STR14003 Price : $140.59 Streamlight Sidewinder LED White, Red, Green and Blue LED's. OD green body. Sidewinder LED Tactical Add to Wishlist
Streamlight Sidewinder LED Compact LED Tactical Flashlight STR14104 Price : $122.91 Streamlight Sidewinder LED Compact LED Tactical Flashlight. 3" overall. Coyote tan body. Waterproof, Add to Wishlist
Streamlight SL-20LP Full Size Rechargeable Flashlight STR25203 Price : $266.03 Streamlight SL-20LP Full Size Rechargeable Flashlight. 13 1/4" overall. Black lightweight polymer co Add to Wishlist
Streamlight Stinger DS® LED Rechargeable Flashlight STR75813 Price : $316.54 Streamlight Stinger DS® LED Rechargeable Flashlight. 8 3/4" overall. Black machined aluminum housing Add to Wishlist
Streamlight Stinger HP Rechargeable STR75503 Price : $260.98 Streamlight Stinger HP Rechargeable. 8 1/4" overall. 40,000 candlepower Xenon halogen bulb. 120 lume Add to Wishlist