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SINCE 1998

You've come to the right source. Used by firefighters, policemen, Navy Seals, and British militia, each Ocean Master knife is made in the U.S. Wth a higher quality than knives made anywhere else, the knives are also supplied to U.S. soldiers. Recognized as the most superior knife in the world, these American-made super-sharp blades have attained the highest Rockwell Scale hardness of any titanium knife so that the blades retain their razor sharp edge, which is acheived when knives are custom ground. (High quality knives often found at cutlery stores also have custom ground edges.) You guessed it: Each blade gets hand-sharpened before being shipped to you. It's an extra step they take to enable you to cut easliy through sand-encrusted rope, tangling kelp and fishing line.

Exceeding even professional knife standards, Ocean Master makes their knives with a specially-formulated titanium that you won't find anywhere else. Titanium won't rust but an Ocean Master will hold its edge longer than any other titanium knife.
You'll have a knife that exceeds high expectations. Whether you're a Navy Seal, combat officer or a diver, this knife can handle all of your cutting needs. You'll have sharpness, hardness, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and rustproof qualities--all in one knife.

The high quality sheath incorporates high grade stainless steel screws that are used for marine purposes, and will not rust. Its quiet, Stealth Draw Latch makes no sound when drawing out the blade.

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