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Mens luxury brand William Henry presented today the new Touchstone, key chain collection. Just a few months after releasing the new M3 Zurich money clip line, the American brand confirms its attention to mens trends and its focus on creating bold and masculine accessories and functional jewelry for men.

Inspired by the modern man who desires accessories imbued with both utility and exclusivity, the new key chains feature sterling silver, bronze, and gemstones, and are the perfect addition to William Henrys celebrated collections of fine functional jewelry.

For 15 years, William Henry has been redefining the world of men's luxury accessories by turning functional tools such as pocketknives, money clips and writing instruments into precious personality statements, and inimitable expressions of personal style. Designed with superb details and tactile excellence, the new 'Touchstone' key chains feature skulls, masculine and evocative motives, and a bold new look.

Paying careful attention to function, durability and striking appearance, the collection is comprised of 6 choices, with beads made from bronze, or superbly cast sterling silver skulls, inlaid with black diamonds, white or blazing red topaz, and spessartite gemstones. Each piece is connected by beautifully woven leather lanyard, and finished with a sliding knot retainer, also in sterling silver or bronze.

"Each of the pieces we conceive and create must be flawless in function and superior in artistry," says Matt Conable, founder and creative engine of William Henry. "Theres more: our collections are not only made of precious and stylish instruments, theyre also immediately distinctive objects, imbued with the personality and individuality that strike a personal chord with their owners."

At a time when mens purchases of accessories and jewelry signals a growing interest in style and fashion, William Henrys new key chain collection represents a new and distinctive choice that allows men to own an elegant and yet truly original personality statement.

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William Henry TOUCHSTONE 1 Key Chain Price : $435.67 This fine William Henry key chain features a skull bead sculpted from sterling silver, with an antiq Add to Wishlist
William Henry TOUCHSTONE 3 Key Chain Price : $252.69 This fine William Henry key chain features a sculpted bronze skull bead, with an antique patina and Add to Wishlist