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Custom Knife Factory is the production, mid-tech and custom knives division of BestBlades.RU and was established in 2012. BestBlades.RU has been in business and serving customers since 2008. As the knives production division of the business grew, we came to the conclusion that our customers would be better served by a separate website devoted to the knives that we produce.

We are proud to produce knives from some of the finest designers that exhibit a high level of old world craftsmanship with high tech materials and techniques.

We take our business and service seriously, we look forward to providing you the limited edition knives with our superior service. Our business is online, nevertheless we take part in several world knives exhibitions (BladeShow, ShotShow, IWA).

We are located in Moscow (Russia), ordering best materials from USA suppliers and using CNC machines for making details in the best Chinese workshop ever. Our location helps keep our costs in line which is why we can offer you great knives with TOP-materials while still providing you with affordable prices. It all helps us achieve our goal: Low Prices - Superior Quality.

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CKF DCPT-4 (Aleksey Konygin) Price : $632.50 Our new DCPT knife. Limited. Numbered. Designed by Aleksey Konygin. Specs: Overall Length: 6.7" (1 Add to Wishlist
CKF Decepticon-1 Customized Alexey Konygin design, Stas Bondarenko #7 Price : $3703.00 Customized Decepticon-1 Knife (Alexey Konygin design, Stas Bondarenko customization) - 7 Blade ste Add to Wishlist
CKF Morrf-4 Knife Evgeny Muan design Price : $517.50 Out of Stock Custom Knife Factory might sound like an ambiguous name but it's definitely one worth remembering. T Notify Me