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Kestrel weather meters are handheld weather stations and ballistics meters with anemometers to measure wind speed, temperature, and more.

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Kestrel 1000 Wind Meter Anemometer Price : $130.00 Kestrel 1000 Hand Held Anemometer Pocket anemometer combining high quality, performance and functio Add to Wishlist
Kestrel 2000 Weather Meter KES0820 Price : $160.00 Kestrel 2000 Anemometer with Temperature Measurement Environmental anemometer combining high qualit Add to Wishlist
Kestrel 3000 Weather Meter Digital KES0830 Price : $240.00 Pocket anemometer with temperature measurement combining high quality, performance and functionality Add to Wishlist
Kestrel 5500 Weather Meter KES0855YEL Price : $550.00 The Kestrel 5500 is a handheld, compact and robust environmental meter and data logger that has dist Add to Wishlist
Kestrel 5500 Weather Meter with LiNK & Vane Mount KES0855LVYEL Price : $650.00 Kestrel 5500 Pocket Weather Meter W/Link + Vane Mount - 5500 Pocket Weather Meter with Link + Van Add to Wishlist
Kestrel Drop D1 Temperature Monitor Tan KES0710TAN Price : $110.00 Kestrel DROP D1 Wireless Temperature Monitor and Data Logger Overview Know your temperature condit Add to Wishlist
Kestrel Drop D2 Temperature-Humidity Tan KES0720TAN Price : $150.00 The DROP D2 Temperature, RH, Heat Index and Dew Point Data Logger measures temperature, relative hum Add to Wishlist
Kestrel Drop D3 Temperature-Humidity KES0730TAN Price : $200.00 The Kestrel DROP D3 is designed to monitor and record a full suite of environmental conditions, incl Add to Wishlist
Kestrel Elite Weather Meter Tan KES0857ATAN Price : $900.00 5700A Elite Weather Meter with Applied Ballistics - Desert Tan Get the world's most complete ball Add to Wishlist