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Wetterling Axes are hand forged (using hammer and anvil) from Swedish quality high carbon alloy steel. After grinding, hardening and tempering, the Wetterling axes keep a Rockwell hardness of 57-58. Finely balanced and functional hunting axes, with convex cutting edge. The handles are lathed from American hickory, the wood of choice for axe handles, and securely fitted in the eye of the axe with wooden and steel wedges. Each axe is hand crafted just like they did 100 years ago, and comes with a protective leather sheath. Outstanding value in the axe market!

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Wetterlings Compact Hatchet "Buddy" 104 Price : $143.75 The Compact Hatchet Buddy #104 This is the smallest of all Wetterlings Axes. It is suitab Add to Wishlist
Wetterlings Hudson Bay Axe Price : $260.00 Overall: 23.5"; Blade: Carbon Steel; Other Info: 6.25" axe head with 3.625" cutting edge. American h Add to Wishlist
Wetterlings Hunter's Hatchet 115 Price : $195.50 Hunters Hatchet #115 Out on the hunting grounds it is practical to bring an average size Hatchet Add to Wishlist
Wetterlings Outdoor Axe 118 Price : $207.00 Out of Stock Outdoor Axe #118 A lightweight Axe with a longer handle, made to fit both one and two hand use. The Notify Me
Wetterlings Wilderness Hatchet 106 Price : $178.25 Wilderness Hatchet #106 The Wilderness Hatchet is basically the same axe as the Buddy, but co Add to Wishlist