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The Tek Lok was developed by Tim Wegner of BLADETECH and customer knifemaker/designer Bob Terzuola. It is a means of attaching gear, primarily kydex sheaths and holsters, to belts and webbing.

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Tek Lok MOLLE Lok Small BTMLS Price : $40.66 Out of Stock Molle- Lok The Molle-Lok is an all new innovative attaching system which is designed as an optiona Notify Me
Tek Lok Sheath Adapter Mini Price : $36.03 Out of Stock The Tek-Lok is an innovative belt loop system that is adaptable to many sheath systems. The locking Notify Me
Tek Lok Utility Belt Loop System Price : $40.66 Out of Stock A Tek-Lok is a innovative versatile attaching & locking device than can be locked stationary by two Notify Me