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The American Tomahawk Company, LLC of Washington State (ATC), a specialty manufacturer of modern hand axes, has commercially sold thousands of its Vietnam Tactical Tomahawk hand-axes to U.S. Armed Services Personnel for almost three years. The ongoing Global War on Terrorism in theatres like Afghanistan and Iraq quickly became the company's real world proving ground for its product's practical capabilities in the hands of US ground forces, including Special Forces and special operations personnel.

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American Tomahawk Comanche ATCOMA Price : $575.00 American Tomahawk Comanche 16 1/8" overall. Black Teflon coated N690Co steel full tang construction. Add to Wishlist
American Tomahawk Emerson CQC-T Price : $658.33 Ernest Emerson needs no introduction. Suffice it to say, the CQC-T is the culmination of Mr. Emerson Add to Wishlist