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Besides exquisite design and advanced technology, one of the most appealing aspects of a Mantis Knife is it's exclusivity. Mantis Knives founder, Jared West, highlights... "If you're carrying a Mantis Knife, it would be a rare occasion to see another Mantis Knife peeking out of a strangers pocket. The hand-built nature of our knives dictate the limited production and thereby, the exclusivity."

What you are aware of is people admiring your knife, and at some point you will see onlookers having that moment of recognition..."That's a Mantis knife!"
And with that recognition, the knowledge that it is the same, handcrafted, bespoke, high performance knife that only our Nation's most elite soldiers carry.

Whatever the state of the worlds economy, there are always men and women who have worked hard, taken risks and succeeded. For these individuals, cutlery enthusiasts, and knife collectors, Mantis Knives offers a truly unique experience and just reward.

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