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Superior tools deserve a superior carry system, and Okuden exists to meet this need.

Okuden sheaths are designed for optimal versatility, durability, and ease of use. Each sheath can be carried in a variety of ways ranging from inside the waistband to "dropped" on the thigh, or lashed to a pack or LBV.

Each unit is fitted to withstand an 18" inverted drop test (this standard was developed for an S&R scuba diver who hates thumb snaps) and still allow the user to draw the blade easily.

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Pukis Grey Kal Guard Price : $290.95 Pukis The "Pukis" (Pocket khUKri/kopIS)was originally designed by a "brother" in roughly 1990, and Add to Wishlist
SST Price : $440.06 SST After purchasing and using a Sharp Thing, a customer asked if I could make something with a "lo Add to Wishlist