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For over 30 years, Flitz has been a world leader in the manufacture of Premium Polishing Products. During that time, the Flitz brand has become known as "The Good Stuff." Ask any user why they buy our products and they will tell you, "Flitz just works the best". And every product is backed with our Flitz Guarantee.

You can feel good knowing our products are formulated to be safe for you and the environment.

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Flitz 16 x 16 in. Silver Microfiber Polishing Cloth MC200 Price : $20.21 Flitz Premium Microfiber Cloth Super-Premium Microfiber Polishing Cloth. Clean faster, easier, ch Add to Wishlist
Flitz 4 Pk Microfiber Polishing Cloths Red/Black MC16164 Price : $30.31 Polishing Cloth, Starfiber(R), Microfiber Material, Color Red, Size (In.) 16 x 16 Add to Wishlist
Flitz Aluminum Pre Clean Spray 16 Oz. AL01706 Price : $36.20 Detailing Supplies Hazardous Material Aluminum Preclean, Liquid, Container Size 16 oz, Black, Sp Add to Wishlist
Flitz Cycle 2 Go Kit W/Storage Bag CY41503 Price : $42.10 This kit contains 1.76 ounces polish, 1.7ounces chrome and stainless steel cleaner/spray, 1.7ounces Add to Wishlist
Flitz Flitz Big Blue Waxx Ball WB201 Price : $67.34 Premium quality viscose fabric, self-cooling and burn or tear; won't scorch Fits any 3/8 inches dr Add to Wishlist
Flitz Gun & Knife Wax FZ02785 Price : $30.61 Flitz Rifle Gun & Knife Wax A premium, whitecarnauba and beeswax formula that provides exceptiona Add to Wishlist
Flitz Gun/Knife Care Kit GW02785 Price : $58.94 Flitz Gun/Knife Care Kit. Includes 1.7 oz. spray bottle Stainless Steel & Chrome Clean, 1.76 oz. tub Add to Wishlist
Flitz Knife Restoration Kit FZ41511 Price : $43.01 Knife Restoration Kit - Includes: 16" x 16" microfiber polishing cloth; DMT Dia-Sharp hand-held diam Add to Wishlist
Flitz Liquid Metal Polish FZ04535 Price : $23.56 Black plastic slim bottle with flip-top cap. A diluted version of the original paste formula. This p Add to Wishlist
Flitz Mag Wheel Restoration Kit MW51502 Price : $92.61 Kit contains a large buff ball, 1.76 ounces polish, 1.7 ounces waxx and mail-in coupon for free micr Add to Wishlist
Flitz Marine Speed Wax Spray 16 Oz. MX32806 Price : $26.94 Brazilian carnauba wax formula Fills in swirls and hairline scratches This works well on clear c Add to Wishlist
Flitz Paste Metal Polish FZ13511 Price : $25.27 Metal, Plastic, & Fiberglass Polish & Paint Restorer. Anti-tarnish formula. Works quickly. Lasts up Add to Wishlist
Flitz Stainless Steel/Chrome Cleaner 16 Oz. SP01506 Price : $30.31 16 oz. spray bottle Non-flammable Water-based and streak-free Easily cuts through grease build Add to Wishlist