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RAIDOPS was established in 2005 as a small Company in Incheon, South Korea. With our customers support, we have been successful and look forward to a bright future. RAIDOPS has the following mottos:

1) Defend your body, protect your spirit
2) RAIDOPS, increasing your survival success

Every design we create has ergonomics in mind for the user. The design philosophy we have is to make Hard working useful knives and tools. The goal of RAIDOPS is to manufacture innovative, top quality tactical and survival tools. RAIDOPS Company's goal is to grow as a business by exploring and utilizing new materials (polymers, Silicon, innovative metals, etc), and expanding into apparel with military and outdoor applications. We strive to satisfy our customers by maintaining high quality standards and offering excellent customer service. With our customers support, RAIDOPS will continue to develop, innovate, and produce quality products.

Thank you.

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