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1796 Light Calvary Saber 88S Price : $932.89 This saber was widely used by the British and their Prussian allies under General Blucher in the Bat Add to Wishlist
1830 Napoleon Saber 88NS Price : $932.89 The medium weight saber Cold Steel offers is a cavalry trooper?s chosen weapon. It posses excellent Add to Wishlist
1908 English Cavalry Saber 88ECS Price : $948.77 What makes the ideal cavalry saber? In the charge you need a narrow, stiff blade with a sharp point Add to Wishlist
1908 Indian Cavalry Saber 88ICS Price : $932.89 Add to Wishlist
1917 Cutlass 88CS Price : $750.36 Add to Wishlist
1917 Saber 88CSSN Price : $832.59 While not an exact copy of a pre-existing or historical saber, our 1917 Saber has a lot to offer the Add to Wishlist
Battlecry Acre Crusader Broadsword BAT501509 Price : $436.43 Overall: 39.25"; Blade: 32.75" | Standard Edge; Handle: Black | Synthetic; Other Info: 1065 high car Add to Wishlist
Battlecry Bosworth Long Sword BAT501505 Price : $489.33 Overall: 47.375"; Blade: 36" | Standard Edge; Handle: Black | Synthetic; Other Info: 1065 high carbo Add to Wishlist
Battlecry Hattin Falchion BAT501508 Price : $436.43 Overall: 30.5"; Blade: 24" | Standard Edge; Handle: Black | Synthetic; Other Info: 1065 high carbon Add to Wishlist
Boker Captain Nathans Sword 05ZS610 Price : $290.44 Overall Length: 40 1/2" Blade Length: 28" Weight: 48 oz. Blade Material: 1045 carbon Own the Add to Wishlist
CAS Hanwei Date Masamune Katana PC24960 Price : $747.50 One Eyed Dragon of Oshu The artisans at Hanwei pay homage to the One-Eyed Dragon of Oshu, Date Masa Add to Wishlist
CAS Hanwei Oda Nobunga Katana PC24970 Price : $1207.50 Prominent Hamon Of the legends of feudal Japan, the name Oda Nobunaga needs little introduction. Ne Add to Wishlist
CAS Hanwei Takeda Shingen Katana PC24950 Price : $747.50 War Fan Tsuba A legend of many names, the Tiger of Kai, Shinano no Kami, and competitor for power t Add to Wishlist
Chinese Sword Breaker 88CSB Price : $1044.42 CHINESE SWORD BREAKER The ancient Chinese Sword Breaker had a rectangular (occasionally hollow groun Add to Wishlist
Chinese War Sword 88CWS Price : $985.61 Few swords are more intimidating or more effective than the two handed Chinese War Sword. Its huge, Add to Wishlist
Chisa Katana 88BCK Price : $1271.56 Features a 24.50 in. 1050 high carbon steel blade and a 11.50 in. ray skin handle with black braid c Add to Wishlist
Civilian Saber 88NSN Price : $904.48 Civilian Saber or Classic Gentleman's Saber The cavalry saber, with its long, curved, light blade, r Add to Wishlist
Cold Steel Battle Gim 88FG Price : $968.14 Blade Length: 30" Overall Length: 37" Steel: Damascus Handle: 7" Scabbard: Rosewood Scabbard Add to Wishlist
Cold Steel Butterfly Swords 88BF Price : $550.00 Construction: 1060 Carbon Steel; Overall: 20.375"; Blade: 14.875" l Carbon Steel l Standard Edge l S Add to Wishlist
Cold Steel Colichemarde Sword 88CLMS Price : $1032.42 Blade length: 32 3/8" Overall length: 40" Steel: 1055 Carbon. Handle: 7 5/8" long. Leather S Add to Wishlist