Fallkniven SK3 Juni Limited Edition FNSK3SE

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Fallkniven SK3 Juni Limited Edition FNSK3SE
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What distinguishes a Swedish knife? Perhaps the apparently simple design or maybe
providing a good and safe function, all without frills. The classic clean lines discern a philosophy that honors the skill and experience of your mind, where the tool is allowed to play its part but to outshine the one that holds the handle - the perfect combination.

The Juni knife is made along with that concept. A laminate powder steel blade provides a superior strength and edge retention, solid nickel silver fittings for safety and last, but not the least, a tremendously beautiful handle in a rich curly birch wood. Comes with an open top, low hanging black leather sheath, for easy access, the traditional Swedish style.

Juni – is the Swedish name for Juno, the premium goddess in the Roman mythology (Hera
in Greece myths). Married to Jupiter (Zeus in Greece myths), she is associated to married women, life giving and childbirth. Juno gave name to the summer month Juni (Swedish) or June (English). In Sweden, Juni is a traditional female name, not very common – but beautiful, reminding about flourishing summer meads.

Total length
147 mm (5.8")
Blade length
70 mm (2.8")
Blade thickness
3 mm (0.12")
Weight (knife)
48 g
Blade hardness
62 HRC
Curly birch
Open top leather
Made in
Designed in