Lion Steel BestMan BM1 Slipjoint CF

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Lion Steel BestMan BM1 Slipjoint CF
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The LionSteel BestMan BM1 is a modern slipjoint, made from high-tech materials. While most traditionals are very classic LionSteel has pulled out all the technical stops to turn the BestMan into a contemporary knife. The characteristic milling work and material finishes are very modern. However, the fact that you open it with two hands and that it has a slipjoint have turned this knife into a traditional.
The advantage of a modern traditional such as this, is that you benefit from the best materials and constructions, while the knife itself is still sympathetic. Because it doesn't really have a lock and can be opened with two hands this knife is legal to carry almost anywhere in the world. Practical when on the road, or because of its classic look and feel perfect as a gentleman's knife.
LionSteel selected Böhler M390 steel for the blade. An Austrian type of super steel that retains its sharpness for a very long time. M390 is also stainless. One of the most popular premium choices at the moment. The carefully added nail-nick makes it fairly easy to open, despite the strong slipjoint spring.
The handle consist of titanium bolsters with carbon fibre scales in between. A high-tech material, perfect for this high-tech slipjoint.
The LionSteel BestMan is a brilliant pocket knife for all occasions. Classic and modern at the same time. Italian design and high-tech production, a great addition to any collection.

Overall Length:6.625"
Blade Length:2.875"
Cutting Edge:2.75"
Blade Width:0.625"
Blade Thickness:0.10"
Blade Material:Bohler M390
Blade Style:Clip Point
Blade Grind:Flat