Flytanium Manix 2 Ball Cage Lock Copper FLY409

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Flytanium Manix 2 Ball Cage Lock Copper FLY409
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Replace your stock plastic ball cage lock with a unique copper one from Flytanium. Our new copper ball cage lock will fit both the Manix 2 and Manix 2 XL (but not the lightweight models due to pin construction). We finished these with an antique stonewash finish. This handy piece weighs in at just 0.16 oz.
Due to the nature of copper, a beautiful, natural patina will form over time, and some patina may be present when your piece arrives. If you prefer a brighter look, we recommend cleaning with Bar Keeper's Friend soft cleanser - a cheap, quick, and easy way to brighten up all your copper and brass.
Because each knife is slightly different, there is a break-in period when you install your new ball cage lock. Spend an afternoon playing with your knife, enjoying your new lock, and you’ll be good to go!