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Extrema Ratio ONTOS EX127ONTOS
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ONTOS - from the Greek language translating to The Thing. ONTOS was developed to satisfy a call from Extrema Ratio customers who wanted a quality survival knife. Extrema Ratio listened and then created the ONTOS. The ONTSO is just the thing for you to carry when you need a true survival knife/kit.

The Extrema Ratio ONTOS knife is a solid, heavy field knife. The knife itself weighs almost one pound (g 400). The ONTOS has a specially designed serrated section on the upper part of the blade. This serrated area is always ready and sharp. The blade has a black coating that is non-reflective.

The survival kit includes an impressive amount of emergency items: water bag, nylon cord, button compass, candle, flint & striker, fishing kit, mini multi-tool, matches, sewing kit, purification tablets, single edge razor, signaling mirror, whistle, snare wire, wire saw, pencil, survival instructions. Plus a 12-hour fluorescent stick. An Extrema Ratio diamond sharpener is also included.

A pocket holds the survival kit. This pocket is attached to your sheath by a MOLLE system. Now you are prepared to build a shelter, to start a fire, to get food and water, for self-defense. In an emergency situation, you may be forced to leave your heavy gear behind but the Extrema Ratio ONTOS knife/kit goes with you since it is carried on your belt. A very robust, specially-crafted knife plus a well-equipped kit a great combination you can depend upon in survival and emergency situations. Plus it is an excellent camping/hunting knife.

Total Length: mm 298 (11.73 inches)

Blade Length: mm 165 (6.50 inches)

Knife Weight: g 400 (14.11 ounces)

Total Weight of Knife and Kit: g 1000 (35.27 ounces = 2 pounds 3.27 ounces)

Blade Thickness : mm 6,3 (0.25 inches)

Blade Steel: Bohler N690 cobalt stainless steel*

Blade Hardness: Rockwell 58 HRC

Grinding: Flat

Serrations: Partial serrations on spine

Handle: Forprene (NATO MIL-SPEC elastomer)**

Sheath and Kit Pocket: Nylon

Sharpener: Diamond sharpener included

Coating: MIL-C-13924 Black coating


* The blade is made with N690 cobalt stainless steel; a high performance steel with excellent cutting and sharpening characteristics.

** Forprene has extreme temperature and moisture resistance